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Recent photos published in the Boston Herald 7/2/2021

Wow your clients with professional listing photos & sell it faster!

I provide an alternative to high priced packages that may take weeks to schedule and get the final images back. I understand that when you get your listing you want it active in days not weeks, I can help you accomplish your goal. Turnaround time is typically SAME DAY. In our business, your competition may be offering this level of photography in a marketing plan. Though smartphones and compact point and shoot cameras take good photos, why not do better.

Each and every photo is individually reviewed to be sure it’s level, sharp, crisp and colors optimized to look natural. We don’t batch process images as each photo is different and needs to be inspected individually. This is our commitment to you.

We use both "Flambient" and "HDR" methods of photography.
The “flambient” method for shooting real estate photography involves combining both flash and ambient light. The flambient method is one of the most fastest growing methods for shooting real estate photography. HDR stands for “high dynamic range.” For those who aren’t so acquainted with this high-tech shutterbug lingo, dynamic range is basically just the difference between the lightest light and darkest dark you can capture in a photo. At the most basic level, an HDR photo is really just 3-5 photos taken at different exposure levels and then merged together to create a better picture. 
Read "Putting a lens on Listing Photos"
REALTOR Magazine Mar/Apr 2016
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