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We turn a client's handshake into a long term partnership...

It’s that simple - no complicated mission statement. So what does that mean?  It means we won't settle for advertising that just gets the job done.  We strive for advertising you get emotional about -  something you can't help but talk about later; ads that your employees voluntarily pin on their cubicles or share on social media.  To create a message that powerful you need passion and expertise.  Passion and creativity define Scattergood Advertising. Back in 1996 we started working with small businesses and independent contractors to do their advertising right. We found the best way to create passionate advertising is through an effective partnership by understanding the clients’ needs and goals. Everything we create from a simple logo to complex multi-page inserts has flavor and style.  Once you have flavor and style in your message you put emotion in your reader.  Emotion they hold onto long after the ad is gone.

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